Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are you licensed and Insured?

Answer: Guy Roofing Company Inc, (770) 435-2085, carries General Liability and Workman's Comp. insurance for the benefit of the homeowner. Guy Roofing is also locally and State Licensed to contract with residential homeowners as well as commercial builders and commercial owners for any type construction and roofing. It should be noted that, while we do not sub-contract our work to our roofers, we do make it mandatory that our roofers carry their own insurance, which also protects the homeowner's property, and protects the homeowner from any type of lawsuit from accidents. It should also be noted that when a homeowner contracts work on their home with any type contractor, and there is a signed contract with the homeowner, the homeowner's insurance will not cover any property damage or worker's injury while on their property during the contracted dates. This is one reason why a homeowner should choose Guy Roofing over any competitor who does not carry insurance for their company.

How long have you been in business, or how long have you been roofing?

Answer: Guy Roofing has been in business since 1962, about 50 years. Until last year, Guy Roofing DBA Apex, had been a Yellow Page advertiser for over 45 years consistently. The owner, John Guy, has been personally installing roofs since 1957, and still has oversight over each project. He has trained his son, Roy, since 1975, and now his son, who has installed roofs for over 35 years, is personally involved with each roof project, such as sales, on-site supervision, quality control, final inspection after the roof is installed, service during the warranty phase, all roof repairs, and quality customer service. Because of the quality control and on-site supervision, our warranty call-backs are zero. However, if there is a call-back, Guy Roofing takes pride in our response time, which is same day as the call-in. This is why we have an A-plus rating with the BBB. Our combined roofing experience is over 85 years. Most roofing companies in the market today do not have the experience or the project supervision that we have, which is a reason a homeowner should choose us over the competitors.

What is the difference between a roof and a roof system?

Answer: When a roofing contractor replaces just the shingles, or just the shingles and felt underlayment, he is just replacing your shingles and felt underlayment, not installing a roof system. Why is that?Because a roof system involves replacement of the shingles, the felt underlayment, AND, all of the roof components and accessories. Unless a homeowner is well educated about their roof and the roof components involved, they stand the chance of not getting a complete roof system, but will still pay a higher price for it; or, the contractor may not be replacing the components at all, which is why their price is a lot lower or the lowest price.

Is it important to replace all of the roof components when the new roof is installed? Just what are the roof components anyway?

Answer: Roof components are any part of your roof other than your shingles and felt, that help keep your roof watertight: such as PVC plumbing pipe jack flashings (pipe boots); chimney flashings (step and counter); wall/roof intersection flashings; skylight flashings; skylight replacement; chimney pans (chimney caps) replaced when needed; HVAC flashings, collars and caps replaced; dead valley materials when needed; proper roof ventilations; valley liners; properly sealed roof penetrations; drip edge when needed; cathedral edge metal when applicable, painting metal parts with rustoleum to prevent rust, and etc. Guy Roofing realizes that not all roofs are the same, and that some of these components may not apply, but the point is...we replace the entire roof, not just the shingles and felt. Replacing your shingles but not replacing the components that apply to your roof, is like changing the oil in your car, but not changing the oil filter. Just how far will that last? Its all in the writing, so compare your estimates carefully and not just the price.

Should I be concerned with the type of material or the shingle brand you are using as compared to other contractors?

Answer: Guy Roofing Company Inc always uses the highest grades of materials and roof components as necessary to ensure a high quality roof. We gladly make any recommendations to the homeowner that will fit their roofing needs and budget. Based on our own research, information derived from consumer reports, as well as our experience with every brand and type of shingles available, we will make a recommendation as to what shingle brand we would use on our own roof, as well as to what color selection, and etc. However, it is still the homeowner's choice as to what he/she wants on their roof, as well as their color selection. Because of our own high quality standards, we will educate the homeowner on the different brands, their past performance, and etc, so that they can make an informed decision on what to use. This is another reason why a homeowner should choose us over the competitors, because we educate the homeowner so that they are informed correctly.

How will you protect my property? Should I be concerned with roof debris and nails in my yard?

Answer: At Guy Roofing, we pride ourselves on our clean-up, as well as protecting your property during installation of your roof. For example; we put down tarps in various locations for falling roof debris. We relocate temporarily any flower pots, deck furniture, anything moveable that can be damaged by falling roof debris. We protect any patios or decks with tarps. We cover your A.C. units, but not in a way that will damage your unit should you turn your A.C. on during your roof project. We take extra care to ensure your delicate landscaping, such as flowers and bushes, are not damaged by falling roof debris. An average size roof will have over 10,000 nails that are removed during removal of the shingles. We put down tarps to catch the falling nails. Then, after the roof is completed, we sweep the ground with magnet bars to pick up any loose nails that may have fallen or bounced off the tarps. Just to make sure that we do a thorough clean-up, the ground is swept several times with a magnet after the roof is completed. This is another reason for choosing Guy Roofing.

How long will my roof project take from start to finish? How do you protect my roof from inclement weather during the process?

Answer: During the scheduling process, we take into consideration the weather forecast. Most roof projects average 1 to 2 days from start to finish. Some take longer. During this process, depending on size and style of roof, we may remove all of the old roof before installation of new roof begins. In any case, we will cover any exposed roof areas with felt and tarps in case of inclement weather. Our scheduling is based on several factors; homeowner's needs and schedule, weather forecasts, supply of particular brand and color of shingles chosen, first come-first serve basis, etc. At Guy Roofing, we strive to meet every customer's needs and demands.

What if my roof is hail or storm damaged? Should I contact my Insurance first? Do you handle claims for the homeowners?

Answer: Guy Roofing offers free roof estimates, free roof inspections, and free roof consultation. Our estimators are Haag certified in storm damage assessment, field trained by insurance adjusters, and are qualified to look for and spot any type of storm damage to your roof. If there is visible storm damage to the roof, we will notify the homeowner on the spot, make any recommendations as to the next step, assist the homeowner in making a claim, and represent the homeowner by meeting with the insurance adjuster on the homeowner's behalf. However, because of expenses incurred in representing the homeowner to their insurance adjuster, we require a signed agreement that the homeowner will allow Guy Roofing to replace their roof only if their insurance pays for it. And we always agree to replace the roof for insurance proceeds including the homeowner's insurance deductible. In some cases we can include a shingle upgrade at no additional costs.

I am not particularly looking for the lowest price, but with this economy, I have to look for a good deal without compromising the quality of my new roof. Are your prices competitive? Are all roofing companies the same when it comes to prices? What does Guy Roofing, as well as other roofing companies base their prices on?

Answer: Most roofing companies will base their prices on their costs, their overhead, and how much profit they want to make off of you. However, at Guy Roofing, we instill dollar value with our high quality installed roofs. What does this mean exactly? Well, as experienced roofers, we know what it takes to give you a water-tight roof that will last for many years. Since we install complete roof systems and are not just replacing your shingles, our prices are based on the size of your roof, the style of shingle you want, the roof components that need to be replaced, the height and slope of your roof, the amount of layers that need to be removed, accessibility of your roof, location of your home...but never on our overhead. At Guy Roofing we think it is wrong to charge a homeowner a certain price based on the roofing company's overhead, such as advertising dollars, or expensive office costs, instead of basing it on the roof itself. We have been in business for 50 years, but no one is rich, or early retired because of gouging customers. No...we have been a company this long because we have charged fair and reasonable prices...since 1962. Because of these factors, our prices are consistently competitive, fair, reasonable. Depending on who we are compared to, our prices will be the lowest, or in the middle. Since we base our prices on your roof, and not our overhead, if someone does beat our price, it will mean that they are not installing a complete roof system on your house. So, homeowner the writing of the estimates carefully, because you get what you pay for.